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Poster: David Blackledge Date: Jul 30, 2017 8:27am
Forum: faqs Subject: Re: Favorites not loading fully

I'm having a similar issue as you and Karl Benedek. In both cases I look at your favorites page and it's "better" than you described in your post. Is it improving slowly on its own? have you been adding a whole bunch more? or have you been contacted by admins?

What Karl saw (as did I) was results seemed correct on the initial favorites page, but the count on the left is way lower, and sorting or searching results only works with the number listed on the left.

Also, I see the results that display have a lot of instances with a "0" in the number of favorites star icon below the thumbnail, yet they show up on the favorites page.

If your results are getting better slowly over time, then I'll try to have faith that it's just a matter of slow processing, but I think most of my 300 or so favorites are from several weeks ago, and I see 7 of those.

(Specifically, I'm trying to mark videos that fit some terms and conditions of other sites under the account "General Audience Acceptability" )